Internal Medicine Doctors Review

I wanted to say a thing or two about Dr. Dollar

In my experience with him with myself and with my elderly father, Dr. Dollar has been very cordial and patient. My father loves the way he would listen and makes him feel comfortable. I like the way he explains why he is prescribing the medicine and what effect it may have. The office is nice and clean and the staff is always friendly. I wish he would open another location closer to me as I would like to recommend him to other friends too.

Thank you

I have been Dr. Dollar’s patient for over 10 years now. Although I am in relatively good health whenever I have any health issues I visit him. He has always been kind and professional. Once he even helped me get a prescription filled over the weekend when the pharmacy was not cooperating and I had to travel. He may not be the best doctor in the world but he is the best for me.


Dr. Dollar takes a tailored approach while working directly with his patients, providing the best possible medical care and treatment. He really listens to his patients and examines them thoroughly. The staff is very friendly and respectful. I am fortunate in being able to rely on Dr. Dollar. Keep up the good work!


Dr. Dollar in my case is literally a lifesaver. I had an attack of arthritis and was literally on crutches and he identified and gave me some medicine that started relieving the pain and discomfort within a day. He is always kind and concerned and for an 80 yr old man, this is a blessing as not many doctors take the time to talk to the patients these days. I have recommended him to my church friends. God bless him.


Dr. Hunaid Dollar has been our PCP (Primary Care Provider) ever since we moved to our retirement home in the Magnolia area in 2000. We have been more than pleased with the medical care we have received from him during this time. We have complete confidence in him. For example, in 2003 my husband, Jim, had chest pains and although he had no risk factors for heart trouble — he was slim, had no high blood pressure, blood sugar, or cholesterol problems – he went to see Dr. Dollar to get it checked out. Due to his lack of risk factors, Dr. Dollar didn’t really think he had a serious heart condition, but to be sure, he sent Jim to the emergency room where he was diagnosed with heart failure. The Cardiologist at the hospital thought his condition required a heart transplant and Jim was put on a waiting list for one. Dr. Dollar felt this was totally unnecessary and that if Jim would just follow his treatment plan of drugs and a fairly strict life style with no alcohol or other substances bad for the heart, then he would be fine. We chose to go with Dr. Dollar and in less than a year Jim was back to normal heart function.

We have really appreciated his conservative ways in regard to treatments and prescribing of prescription drugs. He always gives you the very smallest dose of drugs necessary to take care of the problem. Mainly, his greatest asset is that he really seems to sincerely care about his patients and works hard to keep them in the best health possible.


Jim and Judy Jennings
24702 Country Oaks Blvd.
Montgomery. TX 77316
May 22, 2012